Consult Colletti Podcast. Episode 1: Eileen Powers

Can You Make Hair For Me?


Did you know about 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year?  What is the mindset of someone who can create something beautiful, inspiring, and collaborate; while going through hell?  

Can you make hair for me?

You’re about to find out.  Welcome to Episode 1 of the Consult Colletti Podcast.  

Eileen Powers Can You Make Hair For Me

In this episode, Anthony Colletti sits down with Eileen Powers.

Eileen is an artist, photographer, writer located on Cape Cod, MA.

She is a former AmeriCorps Volunteer and MFA student at Lesley University.  

Eileen is a recent finalist and winner of the EforAll Cape Cod program.

During chemotherapy treatment, Eileen created “Can you make hair for me?” 

A collaborative art project which brings joy and levity to those going through chemotherapy and other treatments. 

Consult Colletti Podcast Episode 1


Eileen invites people to make hair for her out of surprising materials and then wears, styles, and photographs them creating a series of humorous portraits. 

Eileen would like people to follow her on Instagram and Facebook, make hair for me, and sign up for book notifications/mailing list on the website. 

IG @canyoumakehair


Consult Colletti Podcast with Eileen Powers


Help Eileen make joy by participating in the project, offering a venue to show the project, asking Eileen to speak to your corporate or community group, writing a project review or becoming a sponsor.


Can you make hair book


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